My birth father

Birth father

Not a term we hear often but you were mine.

I don’t know your name but I share your DNA.

You don’t know I exist.

I don’t know if you’re still alive.

So although you didn’t intend to create a baby, and you were never told you had, thank you for your part in my existence.

I like to think on this Father’s Day that sometime through your life, you did get to become someone’s Dad and not just a birth father.

I am so blessed beyond measure to have the Dad I have. The Dad who’s DNA I don’t have but who’s unconditional love I do. To be his favourite daughter because I’m the only one that they adopted.

Wherever you are…. whoever you are… Whatever your life became, I wish you well and I hope it’s a good Father’s Day for you.


Author: sheisstillbrave

I’m Sarah, and just like you, I’ve had to be brave. So here we go. My stories, my journey, my laughter and my tears might all rate a mention. But most of all, if I look in the mirror, I want to remind her, She is still Brave!

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