These are a few of my favourite things

Rain drops on roses and

Whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettle and

Warm woollen mittens….

I’m sure you know the rest of the lyrics… Recently a friend of mine wrote a brilliant blog about things that make her happy and so, in tribute to my co-blogger Annette Hill, and in an effort to find goodness and light when it all feels a bit dark; here is a list of a few of my favourite things…

  • Sunshine on my back
  • Coffee in the morning
  • Coffee later
  • Coffee…good coffee
  • Shiny Spring mornings
  • Crisp Autumn days
  • Wearing boots and jackets in winter
  • Melbourne’s weather…most of the time. Especially because I know it will change soon.
  • My cute doggie
  • And still getting to watch my son sleep
  • Flowers
  • The smell of blossoms in the evening
  • Rainbows
  • Sunsets
  • Sunrises
  • The rooftops of Paris at sunrise
  • Sitting for ages in a cafe with a book
  • Dashing into a cafe to grab a cappuccino because I’m off to do something fabulous
  • Travelling
  • Airports and planes
  • Flying
  • That feeling the day before the flight. It makes me smile even thinking about it.
  • Singing
  • Listening to my sons sing. They’re both really very good.
  • Teaching my singing students
  • My piano, even though it’s rather out of tune.
  • The Renoir print above my piano that my Dad bought especially for me.
  • Still having my Dad around
  • Knowing my Mum is no longer in pain
  • That happy-sad feeling
  • Movies that make me laugh
  • Movies that make me cry
  • Reclining seats at the cinema
  • Homemade popcorn with real butter
  • Movies that make me think and challenge me.
  • Books
  • The feel of old hardcover books
  • Bookshops
  • New stationery
  • Fresh bed linen
  • Old teddy bears of my childhood
  • Cooking for friends
  • Sharing a meal with friends
  • True friendship
  • Good food
  • Loyalty
  • Kindness
  • Laughter
  • Hugs
  • Kisses
  • Ice cream especially gelato
  • Having the right words at the right time
  • Knowing silence is just as good
  • Big band swing
  • Old records
  • Listening to music my mum and dad used to play on cassette in the car on road trips
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas lights and decorations
  • Singing Christmas carols and songs
  • Painting
  • The impressionists and the way they capture the light
  • Wishing to capture that light in my own art
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Writing
  • Hope
  • Faith, well grounded faith at that.
  • Knowing that when I’m down, really truly down, I have risen before and I will do again.

I’m sure there’s a million other things, the moment I hit publish, I’ll think of them. I’d love you to share your favourite things with me. Let’s count our blessings together. Let’s draw courage from each other.




Author: sheisstillbrave

I’m Sarah, and just like you, I’ve had to be brave. So here we go. My stories, my journey, my laughter and my tears might all rate a mention. But most of all, if I look in the mirror, I want to remind her, She is still Brave!

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