Giving life to an actual person

When I was pregnant back in the very late 90s, I was teaching, I was singing, performing, living a pretty busy life. And then on the 22nd of June 1999 you finally made your way into this world.

I did not know I would or could love anyone as fiercely as I loved you. I became the ‘earth mother’ I never knew I was and I encouraged and guided and loved and nurtured and probably stuffed up and did dumb stuff too. Coz we’re mums and we do that too.

You are talented and kind and fun, clever and compassionate.

You faced challenges that weren’t your fault. You struggled through things but today you really rose up high. You stand strong and tall and know what you’re doing.

As you grasp life with both hands, my fabulously brilliant eldest son, remember I will always be cheering you on.

Follow your passion. Yes, yours! Don’t be afraid to pop back over to a few of mine. You really are very talented…just saying 😉

You are truly your own person. You are a beautiful man who is going to do great things with his life.

I am so proud of you. And yes, in all honesty, a wee bit jealous. But that is ok coz you are meant to be even more brave than your brave mama. And trust me Hunny, your Mum, she’s still brave !


Author: sheisstillbrave

I’m Sarah, and just like you, I’ve had to be brave. So here we go. My stories, my journey, my laughter and my tears might all rate a mention. But most of all, if I look in the mirror, I want to remind her, She is still Brave!

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